Saturday, October 8, 2011

Designer Sunglasses take a Tech Turn

Although everyone can see the impact technology has had on our lives, most people don't understand how much it has changed designer eyeglasses. The new line is from TechEyewear. In this pair you get to truly understand how technology is having an impact on your eyewear. With these eyeglasses frames, you get a stylish pair of sunglasses with MP3 player and stereo Bluetooth built right in.
Designer Eyeglasses
This is hard for more people to grasp. The designer eyeglasses of TechEyewear operate with a wireless connection with MP3 devices and cellphones. Concealed within the tips of the sunglasses temples are ear phones that fit nicely into your ear. What is so great about these designer eyeglasses is that you can answer or send a call, play MP3's, or adjust volume with easily found controls right along the temples. These designer eyeglasses are even capable of dealing with two separate Bluetooth devices at the same time, to take calls and enjoy music concurrently.
TechEyewear designer eyeglasses may take some getting used to at first, but they are definitely worth checking out. After getting things up and running, however, operation of the features is relatively simple. I think these designer eyeglasses are sure to be a hit with tech-savvy Americans.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ray Ban Glasses Dominate the Industry


Although this may be a surprise to a lot of people, Ray Ban glasses have not always been the dominant company that they are now. Before the last decade, it was companies like Versace eyeglasses that were seen across the runway and in magazines. Back in the day, glasses from Gucci eyeglasses were seen twice as often as those from Ray Ban glasses.

The truth is, Ray Ban glasses were considered distant second to larger Italian competitors. Ray Ban glasses were seen as an inferior American brand. There was a time when Ray Ban glasses could have even been considered second tier.

It is shocking to see how much times have changed. The business has become so dominant; not just in the United States but also in Europe. This is impressive because there are so many great designer eyeglasses brands based in Europe. Despite this intense competition, there are not many companies that have had such great success.

Ray Ban Glasses

Ray Ban glasses are now recognized in almost every country throughout the globe. It is not surprising to visit countries such as China and see people wearing these lenses. Countries in Asia in particular love the brand. Even companies such as Gucci eyeglasses must be envious about Ray Ban glasses.

International growth has been very favorable to Ray Ban glasses. The run by this company has been remarkable, and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. On Tuesday the company announced results that continue to exceed investor's expectations. We were surprised to see this, as results only a few years ago were lower than expected.

The economy really worried a lot of people. Investors and individuals throughout the US were pulling their money out of the markets. Despite this, people who did believe in the company ended up being rewarded for their patience. Despite earlier predictions, the financial results went very well for the business. We heard that management has already raised their projections for the upcoming year.

The company is not alone, however. Rivals such as Ralph Lauren glasses have also announced positive results. Ray Ban glasses needs to be concerned about these other competitive brands. One of the great things about the designer eyeglasses industry is that people who love the eyewear tend to buy a lot of them. Although this is a great advantage, the company still needs to continue to challenge itself to catch up to some companies.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Versace Eyeglasses Excels for Investors Amid Recession

Versace eyeglasses continue to exceed investors' expectations. It was only a year ago when a lot of investors were worried about the company.
Part of the reason is because of the poor economy, and the lack of disposable income. Versace eyeglasses can be expensive, and people need to have the additional income to spend.
Despite these limitations, sales of Versace eyeglasses have been very good. I heard that management at the company is expecting the upcoming year to be a record year for the company. This is great news for the whole designer eyeglasses industry.
Versace Eyeglasses
Versace eyeglasses were not alone with the positive revenue. Rivals such as Gucci and Prada eyeglasses have also announced positive results. One of the great things about the designer eyeglasses industry is that people who love the eyewear tend to buy a lot of them. Even people who prefer Gucci eyeglasses are also willing to buy a pair from Ralph Lauren. There are not many other industries like that.
With Versace eyeglasses, people seem to love the brand so much that they even own a number pairs of the frames. They tend to be that popular. Sometimes it is because earlier ones have broken, but a lot of the time it is just because people like unique look. If you think about it, you probably even have friends who own a few pairs.
Despite the popularity of Versace eyeglasses, the company does not have a monopoly on the market. One particular competitor that fans of Versaceeyeglasses like is Prada eyeglasses. People like brands such as Prada eyeglasses for a lot of reasons. The brand has established themselves over many years and has built great reputations.
These new lenses have a very different look than Versace eyeglasses. Even though both Prada and Versace eyeglasses are based in Italy, the styles are still very different. Although some designers accuse others of copying them, this issue has never happened with these two companies. Lastly, customers will consider mid-sized vintage eyeglasses brands.
I'll let you know what happens to these mid-sized brands. Versace eyeglasses will need to watch out for some of these brands. Although there are a lot of different brands that I like, one company I really enjoy is Italia Independent. The company just announced great news that the vintage eyeglasses brand just agreed to a new partnership with Alfa Romeo.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ralph Lauren Glasses and the Rise of Rimless Eyeglasses


The other day the New York Times wrote about the rise of rimless eyeglasses industry. This was great for the industry because most people did not know about this success.

We expect a number of companies to benefit from this coverage, including Ralph Lauren glasses. Unbeknownst to many, Ralph Lauren glasses have launched a number of great looking rimless eyewear collections recently. Although these lines have done well, the lines have not received nearly as much credit as their designer eyeglasses collections. This is interesting, as it is the rimless eyewear that is bringing in more profit.

Despite the lack of attention, the rimless eyeglasses industry has also had a remarkable growth rate. We are not sure the designer eyeglasses industry seems to get all of the press. Part of the reason may be because of all of the popular brands such as Dolomiti eyeglasses receive. Brands such as Ralph Lauren glasses, which is a very established eyeglasses frames business, does not seem to get the credit they deserve. It should, because Ralph Lauren glasses are one of the fastest growing eyewear businesses.

We have been really impressed with Ralph Lauren glasses. The eyeglasses brands market has not only grown leaps and bounds in recent years, but the market is also forecasted to have continued success. Every year more and more people buy eyewear, and this trend does not seem like it will go away anytime soon.

A company that will certainly benefit from this is Ralph Lauren glasses. The company has dramatically improved not only its profits but also its brand recognition.

The other day we were reviewing pictures of Scandinavia and spotted a number of the frames. It can be hard to visit a place in the world without seeing a pair of Ralph Lauren glasses. As Ralph Lauren glasses become more international, it will also face increased competition abroad. It will be neat to see the various rivalries that pop up. Companies need to be cognizant of future competition. This seems to be critical to a company's success.

We have seen businesses pop up all round the world. We had not been expecting this to occur, as it seems like these countries tend to focus on other areas of fashion. We wonder if this may be a new trend that we are witnessing. There is one country that we have really been watching out for. That country is England.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Word on the Street - Christian Dior Glasses


Although we have been hearing about Gucci eyeglasses a lot recently, there are a few companies who have also been doing well. One of these brands has been Christian Dior glasses.

The company has not always exceeded. In fact, during the economic crisis Christian Dior glasses were at a low point. A lot of companies folded during this time, and even investors were worried about Dior.

Fortunately for fans, Christian Dior glasses managed to do well, and they are stronger than ever. It has been some time since we have seen such growth from Christian Dior glasses. From the success of the company's last line, this company has been on a roll.

Unfortunately the upturn in the market has also encouraged more companies to enter this market. For companies such as Christian Dior glasses, this is not good news. However, so far the company has managed to do well. Even with some other great lines from brands such as Ralph Lauren glasses, Christian Dior glasses have continued to succeed.

Christian Dior Glasses

Christian Dior glasses have done a number of things exceedingly well. First, the business maintained its strategy of offering the highest quality products. Even when other competitors were looking to use lower quality material to increase profits, Christian Dior glasses refused to do this.

With higher end brands such as Prada eyeglasses, Christian Dior glasses ramped up their marketing and reached out to celebrity sponsorships. We were able to witness firsthand the great affect that this had. Lastly, while a lot of larger companies tend to avoid upstart eyewear brands, Christian Dior glasses have not ignored these lines.

The following are two lines that we think Christian Dior glasses may be concerned because this is on their territory. The first collection that Versace eyeglasses should watch out for is from Alexander McQueen. Christian Dior glasses have known about this company for some time. We can expect Christian Dior glasses to be concerned about this designer because he is so accomplished. We have been fans of Alexander for many years now. People enjoy this eyewear collection for a number of reasons. Females in particularly are very drawn to the line. We have heard Alexander is also expecting to launch an eyeglasses frames line for men in the upcoming year.

The second brand we are bullish on is from the Barbie Corporation. The reason this line will be so competitive is because the company has been around for such a long time. The line is the new Barbie eyewear line. Make sure to check out this new line from Barbie.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Growth Strategies From Gucci Eyeglasses


The Gucci eyeglasses parent company continues to expand into new markets. Not only are Gucci eyeglasses extremely popular, but the other apparel that the company sells is also doing very well. The company's stores in New York bring in a remarkable amount of revenue.

Gucci eyeglasses are not the only company that is expanding into new markets, although they do seem to be very ambitious. Another accomplished company is also considering expanding into new markets. The company that is taking a similar strategy to Gucci eyeglasses is Tumi, which is company business people will know about.

Gucci Eyeglasses

This surprised us for a number of reasons. Tumi has spent the last few decades building its brand as the highest quality produce of luggage products. The company even created a lifetime guarantee for some of its products. It is this reason that a lot of people were surprised to hear about the round eyeglasses line that the business is set to launch.

I have not yet heard a comment from Gucci eyeglasses about this. It turns out that the company has been planning on launching this eyeglasses collection for some time, and was just waiting for the right opportunity.

Gucci eyeglasses may need to watch out for Tumi in the future. The company is already facing tough competition from larger companies such as Prada eyeglasses, and from smaller companies such as Dolomiti eyewear. Although every week it seems like new eyewear companies are sprouting up, it is always great to see businesses move into this market.

What is ironic is that even the name of the new line is similar to a recent collection from Gucci eyeglasses. The line that is being launched is called Traverso. The inspiration behind the line is very interesting; it was inspired by bridges found throughout the world. We certainly have not heard of anything like this before.

In other Gucci eyeglasses rivals, on Monday an Italian brand agreed to a partnership with Marchon. Marchon is well known to partner with some of the largest companies in the world. Gucci eyeglasses cannot be pleased about another Italian brand doing this.

I was also happy to hear about business giving back to worthy eyewear causes. I have heard Gucci eyeglasses were considering increasing their donations to charity. On the same note, i heard some more interesting charitable news about an eyeglasses initiative is being started by a shoe producer. With each pair of TOMS Eyewear sold, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need. Although this is a greatly altruistic, I wonder if we will hear of any comments from Gucci eyeglasses regarding this.

Would you forego your designer eyewear addiction to buy TOMS Eyewear strictly because they are more charitable? Leave a comment, I'd love to know what you think...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celebrities With Versace Eyeglasses


Versace eyeglasses have been in the news often recently. A lot of the commentary has been on the company's intense rivalry with Gucci eyeglasses.

The rivalry has not always been this fierce. In fact, for a long time Versace eyeglasses was a distant second to its competitors.

However, times are really changing. It seems like you cannot open a magazine today with looking at a pair of Versace eyeglasses. We were very bullish on the eyewear anyway, but with the extra coverage is sure to help.

In fact, a pair of Versace eyeglasses was worn in this past month's People magazine. In addition to the great coverage, the collection has seen some great social proof from the celebrities wearing the glasses. It seems like celebrities nowadays are obsessed with the eyeglasses that they wear, and Versace eyeglasses continue to be a favorite.

Versace Eyeglasses

One of the reasons we believe Versace eyeglasses is so effective is because of all of the famous stars who love the brand. Rival companies should take a note of this. Celebrity pictures are always looked at by fans.

There have been a lot news about upcoming rimless eyeglasses. We are happy to make these announcements because they are not typical. Usually we write about large brands such as Versace eyeglasses launching new collections and endorsing new celebrities.

However, there is a lot more activity going on then only with established brands. As an example, continue on below. To begin, there have been a lot of companies that have openly supported the environment. Last week Kodak launched a new outreach to the environmental community. Versace eyeglasses must not have been happy about this.

In addition the sailing around the world, the boat also exhibits the most recent designs from the retro eyeglasses company. This was a great way for the business to grow its presence. We really like the new collection. The frames are made from special material that was actually made from the environment. We are very supportive of this. We have yet to hear a comment from Versace eyeglasses.

Elsewhere in retro eyeglasses news, the company Macy 3D was finally awarded a number of patents. The company had been trying to receive these for some time. We have not seen Versace eyeglasses look for patents in the past, but you never know what will happen. The designer eyeglasses industry continues to evolve, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming years.

Nine West Glasses Around The World


One thing we were surprised to see when we visited Europe was the host of Nine West glasses. The stores typically stand out in American cities such as New York, but they were even more recognizable in Europe.

It seems like designer eyeglasses are proliferating around the world faster than ever before. It is not just throughout Europe wear these lenses are popular. The glasses are also remarkably popular in South America and Asia as well.

In some cities, for example in visit Buenos Aires, designer eyeglasses are just as popular as in the US. We wonder when Nine West glasses are going to expand to that city. Christian Dior glasses are already very popular there.

International expansion offers a great amount of opportunities to companies such as Nine West glasses. The company has already done well so far. This is really a great credit to the company and their expansion plans. Nowadays, the fashion industry is as globalized as any other. It is always interesting to see people from around the world wearing Nine West glasses.

Nine West Glasses

Some other great news happened with the company recently. Nine West glasses was proud to launch a new line. The collection did not just sell well in North America, but also throughout the world. You can find just as many people in China wearing the designer eyeglasses as you can in the US.

People throughout the world were excited with the line. The independent Nine West glasses stores in North America had lines out the door. There are a lot of things the company has done well. In addition to the great products Nine West glasses have created, the marketing from the business has been first class as well. It was difficult to find a newspaper that did not mention this launch.

Because of this, there was a tremendous amount of awareness for the collection. We wonder if Christian Dior glasses followed other designer eyeglasses rivals with this strategy. Competitors such as Dolomiti eyeglasses have also been reaching out to reporters as well. Last year it seemed like social media was the big marketing push, nowadays it seems like companies are moving to other strategies.

We will have to see what happens with this trend. Companies such as Nine West glasses are recognizing that one of the best ways they can build brand awareness is to reach out to popular magazines and news outlets. We will are looking forward to seeing what happens with various brands and their strategies.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fans Receive New Kate Spade Eyeglasses Collection


Interested in seeing the new Kate Spade eyeglasses? A lot of fans have been waiting for this collection for some time.

Already a number of magazines have written up on the new line. We also heard that uber-celebrity Kim Kardashian had purchased a pair.

The line from Kate Spade eyeglasses is unique. Unlike earlier collections, this collection had less than a dozen eyeglasses frames. Most of her earlier collections tend to have around a dozen frames.

Despite the smaller collection, people seem to be very bullish on the collection. The company continues to innovate and come out with different styles. Although most people do not believe that the company is evolving, you would be surprised.

Kate Spade Eyeglasses

First, all you would need to do is look at prior Kate Spade eyeglasses lines to see how the collection continues to be improved. Furthermore, the company is also innovating with their marketing. One of the things they have done with marketing is they are increasing their efforts for media coverage.

Despite this, in the past week we heard more about competitors in newspapers than we heard about the company. An example is coverage from the new patents that Macy 3D received last week. This may be a new trend that we seen from eyewear companies. In the past, eyewear brands have tended to avoid patents. Part of the reason is because they are so difficult to uphold in court. Some eyewear companies may be betting that judges will be more favorable to eyewear patents in the future.

This past week, the brand Macy 3D was awarded a number of new patents from the US government. In addition to the patents for the Kate Spade eyeglasses rival, there were also some updates with more established brands. We also heard some great news for individuals who enjoy eyewear and the environment. On Monday Kodak launched a new initiative for the environment.

The designer eyeglasses are made primarily from plants, which is a strategy we have not seen other companies take. Recently we heard that Kate Spade eyeglasses were also considering launching an eco-friendly eyeglass collection. We are not sure how the line will turn out, but we always enjoy eyewear brands taking innovative steps. Companies need to take these types of risks to continue to excel.

We are excited to hear about the upcoming lines from new designer eyeglasses artists. Companies such as Kate Spade eyeglasses need to be aware of these eyewear startups.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ralph Lauren Glasses New Collection Launch


Looking for a preview of the Ralph Lauren glasses collection that was launched on Monday? The line has come out with quite the bang. I have already seen magazines and newspapers such as USA Today comment on the new line. Some celebrities have also become earlier adopters.

I'm really happy to see the success thus far from the Ralph Lauren glasses line. The collection certainly is not similar to ones we have seen in the past. Different from earlier collections, the line only comes in brown and black, and is specifically made for men. The company is expecting to launch a line for females in the fall.

Ralph Lauren Glasses

We are used to seeing Ralph Lauren glasses lines come in a number of colors, but we like this new change. Despite the colors, people seem to be very bullish on the collection. The company continues to innovate and come out with different styles. In particular, we really like one of the frames which look like a turtle shell. The pair of frames has a classy look but it is also very flexible; we can see people wearing them for a number of occasions.

All you need to do is look at prior Ralph Lauren glasses lines to see how the collection continues to be perfected.

Despite this, on Wednesday there was a lot of discussion about Ralph Lauren glasses competitors. An example is coverage from the new patents that Macy 3D received last week. This may be a new trend that we seen from eyewear companies. In the past, eyewear brands have tended to avoid patents. Part of the reason is because they are so difficult to uphold in court.

On Monday, I saw a report which is great for anyone who enjoy eyewear and the environment. On Monday Kodak launched a new initiative for the environment. The designer eyeglasses are made primarily from plants, which is a strategy we have not seen other companies take. We are excited to hear about the upcoming lines from new designer eyeglasses artists.

I have also heard that a lot of eyewear companies have been looking to integrate technology more into their lines. This past week, the brand Macy 3D was awarded a number of new patents from the US government. In addition to the patents for the Ralph Lauren glasses rival, there were also some updates with more established brands.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Glasses Online Industry Sales Need a Boost


One of the largest supporters of eyewear online, Dolomiti eyewear, is putting a lot of resources to market their newly launched site. I have heard that part of the initiative will be promoting the purchase of their eyewear online, which is great for the glasses online industry.

Although there has been growth, a large percentage of the people in the United States still do not purchase their glasses online. Things are changing though, and new trends are emerging in the market. Every year the percentage of people buying designer eyewear on the Internet grows. The growth is also spreading internationally. More and more people are adapting to the Internet, and Dolomiti eyewear is hoping that this translates to an uptick in online sales.

Fortunately for the designer glasses online industry, a lot of larger companies such as Prada eyeglasses are strongly supporting the Internet. This came as a surprise to a lot of people who heard about this. I think this is great.

Glasses Online

The online designer glasses sector needs as much support as it can get. Right now, only certain demographics enjoy buying designer eyewear on the Internet, but many have been ignored. A lot of consumers and designer eyewear insiders want this to change. For example, there is an initiative to push parents to purchase their children's eyeglasses frames online if there is no need for an updated eye exam or other traditional brick and mortar store services. This seems to make sense since the youth eyewear market is growing quickly.

I hope things work out for the fashionable glasses online industry. Despite this growth in the Internet, a lot of eyewear brands are also feeling the need to expanding their retail presence. Companies such as Ralph Lauren glasses and Prada eyeglasses really want to make a mark here. From New York to Los Angeles, companies are expanding at an astounding rate. Stores are even showing up in affluent neighborhoods throughout the country.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the designer eyewear industry. Despite a lot of people switching to the Internet for their purchases, many consumers remain loyal to their optical stores. In the upcoming years, it will be interesting to see how these two contradictory trends work out. I will keep you updated with the latest glasses online news, Prada eyeglasses and Dolomiti eyewear campaigns.

All the best from Kate West!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kate Spade Eyeglasses In The News


Kate Spade eyeglasses continue to be in the news. Most recently it was because of a rivalry between Kate Spade eyeglasses and Avalon eyewear.

We heard the company was not too happy about a new line from Avalon. One of the reasons is because this new line specifically aims for females, which is a market Kate Spade eyeglasses is interested in.

Kate Spade Eyeglasses

We will have to see if Kate Spade eyeglasses launch a similar line. In many ways we are expecting this to occur. As opposed to some earlier lines, we really like the look of these replacement lenses from Avalon. We have not seen this for some time. We will have to see if this new trend has legs.

What is fascinating about this company is that Avalon has been around for close to a hundred years. The launch party for the collection went very well and the replacement lenses company is growing quite quickly.

We wish Kate Spade eyeglasses the best of luck. A lot of resources appear to be going into the retro eyeglasses line.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bright Future For Ray Ban Glasses


Ray Ban glasses look like they have a great future ahead of them. We do not know of many companies whose success will be so great.

There are a number of reasons for our confidence in Ray Ban glasses. A large part of their plans involve targeting new markets for their designer eyeglasses.

Ray Ban Glasses

One of these markets is market for women. This is a large and increasingly growing industry. On Wednesday we heard that Ray Ban glasses were interested in creating a line made just for women. This is very new for Ray Ban glasses. Although women love their rimless eyeglasses, we haven't seen lines just for females.

We are very bullish on this market. The newest collection is from Avalon eyewear. This new retro eyeglasses collection has received great work thus far. Magazines seem to love the new retro eyeglasses. This used to be unusual, but this is becoming more of the norm.

Ray Ban glasses will not have guaranteed success. In fact, they will need to work hard in this market. We have not something like this for some time. We think this is a trend we might see more of.We hope you enjoyed the article on Ray Ban glasses.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rising Popularity Of Round Eyeglasses


Despite the rising popularity of round eyeglasses, a lot of people do not know much about the past of the industry. We hope this will change.

A long time ago a man named Heinsberg was contacted by a company and asked to create a new concept. After building the idea, the product was patented and went on to be very successful.

Round Eyeglasses

At this time, Heinsberg declared that the next concept he created would be patented under his own name. This led to a set of great inventions. He had a number of unique ideas which had not yet been discovered.

This seemed like it would work. It was clearly easier for individuals to sell than a second round eyeglass frames pair. Eventually, he realized that there had to be changes with the retro eyeglasses. Things don't always go well right away.

At this time, he went back into his home with new thoughts. He said that he was making a pair of boots one day and he thought he could just drill right into the round eyeglasses. That is the story of his new patent. Keep up with Kate West for more on round eyeglasses.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Growth At Nine West Glasses


Despite the difficult economy, Nine West glasses seem to be doing better than ever. This is a great thing to say, considering that most industries have been hit so badly.

The growth at Nine West glasses is really a great testament to management at the company. Not all companies have accomplished this great feat.

Nine West Glasses

Nine West glasses will need to watch out for new rivals though to keep up their great record. One company just launched a new line that may be competition. The company is by Michael Bastian. His eyeglasses frames continue to be a hit with fans and reporters.

We will let you know if we hear from Nine West glasses. From what we have heard, supporters love the designer eyeglasses. Even management seems to be surprisingly happy about the launch. We hope you enjoyed the article on Nine West glasses.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Eyewear Brand Vintage Eyeglasses


Most people don't know about the history of vintage eyeglasses companies. This is shame given all of the great information that is out there.

There is a lot more interesting information about vintage eyeglasses than most people know about. In particular, the vintage eyeglasses company American eyewear is one that you should know about. They have really been a pioneer in the eyeglasses frames, although they are not given the prestige they should have.

Vintage Eyeglasses

American Eyewear was founded years ago and is more profitable than ever. The reviews for these vintage eyeglasses are always great. Even companies such as Prada eyeglasses are aware of this company.

The company was started by a man named David. When the David graduated, he realized he had a gift for eyewear. After he left school, he realized he was most interested in vintage eyeglasses, and within a few years, he had built and expanded his company.

It is amazing to see what he has built. From the day he started the vintage eyeglasses business, his philosophy has remained constant. Stay tuned to Kate West for more information and updates on vintage eyeglasses.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dior Cocotte Sunglasses - Weekly Steal!

These Dior Cocotte sunglasses are fierce! Designed for confident fashionistas, these Dior sunglasses feature a modified round shape, polycarbonate lenses, and a visible Dior logo. The Dior Cocotte sunglasses model is made in Italy and available in 5 color options:
- Plum Cyclamen w/Dark Grey Gradient Lens (pictured)
- Beige Ivory Violet w/Grey Gradient Lens
- Blue Tobacco w/Blue Gradient Pea Lens
- Brown Honey w/Brown Gradient Lens
- Havana Blonde Black w/Brown Gradient Lens

Dior Cocotte sunglasses at

All models include eyeglass case and 2-year warranty.

Price: $244.00 at

Coveted by Kate West

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Christian Dior Glasses Keeping Up With Smaller Brands


The designer eyeglasses industry has never been so competitive. Christian Dior glasses needs to keep up with larger and smaller companies:

With larger companies such as Prada eyeglasses, Christian Dior need to continue to grow its brand.

With smaller competitors, the company should watch out for changes in the industries. Link to Christian Dior ArticlesChristian Dior Glasses

Some new competition may be on the heels of Christian Dior eyewer. This is coming from particularly from smaller companies. The Christian Dior eyewear rival TC Charton is marketing itself specifically to Asians. This is an interesting strategy to take. The launch for the competitor was held in the big apple, and was able to bring in quite the crowd. The city seems to house some incredible designers. Christian Dior glasses can not be happy about this.  Either way, follow Kate West to stay up to date with Christian Dior glasses news.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Designer Eyeglasses Targets Asians


Interested in what’s happening in the eyeglasses frames world?

Most recently, a line was created just for Asians. I really think this collection is going to exceed expectations. This company isn’t very large, but I think they should be watched out for.

Eyeglasses Frames

The founder of the company is TC Charton, and the creator Alexandra Charton is a rising star in the eyewear industry. The designer eyeglasses line is particularly interesting because it is designed with Asian-Americans in mind and targeted specifically to those who want to be fashion oriented. Alexandra Charton, knows firsthand what a daunting experience one must go through due to the scarce selection available to Asian consumers. Thus inspired, after almost two years of trial and error, in the Fall of 2009, TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear was born. The founder really wanted the designer eyeglasses collection to be for Asian-Americans of all ages.

I'm not 100% sure how this collection will resonate although I am are certainly rooting for the company. I have not heard how these will fit on Caucasians, even though it was not designed to do so. I'm definitely curious and we will let you know when I find out.

The company is betting a lot on this line. This collection consists of 19 styles of ophthalmic frames and 14 sunglasses, TC Charton is the first collection that is entirely and ergonomically designed with Asian Americans in mind. Every eye shape, every detail, and the selection of exquisite color palette was created and aimed to compliment the uniqueness of Asian features and skin tones, and to capture the harmonious balance between memorable styles with optimum functionality. From overseeing designs to manufacturing, Alexandra has in-depth technical knowledge. She has more than 16 years of extensive optical experience in the creations of countless leading European eyewear brands. Follow Kate West on Twitter or Facebook for more designer eyewear news.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prada Eyeglasses In New Areas


The teen market may be getting very crowded. This month Prada eyeglasses competitor Marchon released a line aiming for the teen market. We have heard talk about Prada eyeglasses rival Gucci eyeglasses launching a line here, but we hadn't heard about Marchon. Marchon is a promising company, so Prada eyeglasses will need to watch out about these guys. I am sure that we will see great things to come from Marchon. These guys seem to come out with new retro eyeglasses every other month.

Prada Eyeglasses

Businesses can never take competition too lightly. Although it is not final, a collection in this area would be interesting for the company. Most recently, another competitor launched a collection for this market. I am curious to see if Prada eyeglasses enter this market as well since I have not seen a prescription eyeglasses companies do this in the past. Stay tuned for more information on Prada eyeglasses from Kate West.

An Interesting Designer Eyeglasses Company


Here are some interesting new designer eyeglasses that have come out. The new designer eyeglasses line is by the famed Marchon business. These guys seem to come out with new designer eyeglasses every other month. This newest round eyeglasses collection is for those soon to be in college.

Designer Eyeglasses

From what I have seen so far, college kids may love these eyeglass frames. Although this was made for a younger audience, I think a lot of markets will enjoy them. The designs are rich with textural and beautiful impressions, and numerous color choices, including different shades. The collection currently has a little less than a dozen designer eyeglasses. Shapes consist of modified cat eyes, trendy pillowed rectangles and soft squares made of flat metal. Executives and businessman types appear to be very sweet on this collection.

Marchon eyewear is fairly young, having been started less than 30 years ago. The company was founded in 1983, and it has really risen in prestige. The company is base in the North East, with regional headquarters in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Marchon distributes its products through numerous sales offices. Stay tuned for more news on designer eyeglasses from Kate West.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Retro Eyeglasses from France


A well regarded retro eyeglasses designer launched a new collection on Thursday. The company is led by Tarian, who is well known in those circles.

Unfortunately, a lot of more mainstream eyewear fans don't know of Tarian. I believe this will change as retro eyeglasses grow in prominence.

Retro Eyeglasses

This is a trend that we believe will continue to occur. It is really exciting to see the industry grow so much. The designer Tarian has actually won a number of awards. His vintage eyeglass collection is made in France, and includes six styles, ranging from classic to cutting edge. The retro eyeglasses come in a number of colors, and all glasses come with new cases.

Tarian, born and raised in Paris, designed his first eyewear collection in 2008. He believes that the eyes can say so much about a person. A lot of work is going into the promotion of this new collection including the usual merchandising materials, as well as a catalog and postcards with great graphics. Tarian believes retro eyeglasses are more important than ever.  I am happy to see that he is such a pioneer in this field. For more information on the price and other updates, keep reading for more retro eyeglasses news from Kate West.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nine West Glasses Not Quitting


Nine West glasses may be falling behind. With technology and fashion changing so quickly, it's critical that Nine West glasses stay on top of trends

One trend is the rise of retro eyeglasses. This may be an area Nine West glasses should get involved in.

Nine West Glasses

Retro eyeglasses continue to become more popular. This could be a huge market for companies such as Nine West. We'll have to see how the company responds to this. Some companies are adapting to these recent trends, but a number of companies are not. In the past, Nine West glasses tended to shy away from this style. Recently, Prada eyeglasses said they'd be announcing their own line. We're not sure what caused the change. The head designer at the company is actually fairly heralded, particularly in Europe.

Nine West glasses tend not to talk about their newest lines. There isn't a lot of Information, although the company has had a lot of great things to say about the industry.  We're glad the company is such a pioneer in this field.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Designer Eyeglasses By Tarian


Here are some exciting designer eyeglasses that were recently released. We've heard great things about this eyeglass frames line.

The designer eyeglasses collection is from Jeremy Tarian. He isn't as well known as some designers, but he has actually won a number of awards. His collection is made in France, and includes of six styles, ranging from classic to cutting edge. The sunglasses come in a number of colors. Built for the fashion minded, these round eyeglasses were created to make an impact.

Designer Eyeglasses

Tarian believes designer eyeglasses are more important than ever.  He believes that a beautiful pair of designer eyeglasses can naturally bring out striking and more elegant facial features. He also believes the eyes can say so much about a person. A lot of work is going into the promotion of the collection. Merchandising materials include a catalog and postcards with great graphics. All glasses come with new cases.

For more information on the cost of the glasses, visit the company's website. The company's founder was born in Paris. In 2008, he designed his first eyewear collection. Stay tuned for more news on designer eyeglasses.

Prada Eyeglasses Ponders Online Revenue


When is the last time you heard people talk about buying Prada eyeglasses online? Although purchasing eyewear online is more popular than ever, it still isn't associated with the highest quality brands.

This is particularly true with brands such as Prada eyeglasses. We wonder when this will change. Even high end shoppers like to find a deal.

Prada Eyeglasses

Prada eyeglasses should take note of this. We're not sure when this might happen, but it is interesting to consider. Rivals of Prada eyeglasses such as Gucci eyeglasses do have to think about this, because the internet will consider impact all companies.

Even smaller competitors are taking note of this. Most recently this phenomenon effected Tarian's new launch. Although the designer Tarian isn't as well known as most companies, we really love his eyewear. We're crossing our fingers that he continues to release new lines.

Tarian is new to selling his glasses online, although he is a well regarded designer. We haven't heard a comment from Prada eyeglasses about this. He believes that a beautiful pair of replacement lenses can naturally bring out facial features. We're excited to see Tarian grow and become more popular. It was only a few years ago when he designed his first replacement lenses collection.

We'll keep you in tune with new Prada eyeglasses updates.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Prada Eyeglasses Competitors In Crowded Market

Prada eyeglasses are used to facing new rivals. In a business that is so profitable, how can they not expect this?

Every year Prada eyeglasses seems to bring in more revenue. We don’t even remember when they had a bad year. It’s really impressive what the company has built.
Prada Eyeglasses
One of the companies that is looking to get into this market is Rem eyewear. Although they are not nearly as well known as Prada eyeglasses, they may pose some problems in the future. It’ll be a while until they catch Prada eyeglasses. The vintage eyeglasses company has really grown in the past few years.

The Prada eyeglasses rival is entering a difficult and crowded market. The company is strong, but they aren’t nearly as well known as Prada eyeglasses. We’re not expecting this vintage eyeglasses company to get the best of feedback. The vintage eyeglasses brand launching is actually very old, although a lot of people haven’t heard about the company. The new line is called Surface, which we think is a pretty nice line. Each vintage eyeglass has a great looking shape will very fine details.

Vintage Eyeglasses Found Throughout Magazines

Vintage eyeglasses aren't seen as the most mainstream type of eyewear. In fact, it's not too common to see them on the main magazines that are sold.

However, these new vintage eyeglasses from Rem Eyewear can be found throughout the magazines. The much talked about collection is expected to be announced next Wednesday. We're waiting for this to be confirmed. This would be great news for the vintage eyeglasses industry.
Vintage Eyeglasses
Ironically, the press from one round eyeglasses company can really help other companies in the industry. The vintage eyeglasses brand launching is actually very old, although a lot of people haven't heard about the company. A lot of marketing is going into the vintage eyeglasses line. They also have a great looking website if you'd like to visit it.

The line from the vintage eyeglasses company is called Surface, which we think is a pretty nice line. Each vintage eyeglass has a great looking shape will very fine details. We had a chance to see pictures of the vintage eyeglasses and we think they are excellent.

Stay tuned for more articles on vintage eyeglasses.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Retro Eyeglasses Survey, Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Eyeglasses

Every year a well known survey comes out that discusses the retro eyeglasses industry. This survey discusses revenue, profit margins, and future expectations for the retro eyeglasses industry. From what I can gather, the survey should have really positive things to say. In fact, I think this is the case particularly because of the great launches that have occurred as of late.
Retro Eyeglasses
The numbers for the retro eyeglasses industry will be released later in the year. One launch particularly sticks out. The collection is by the well known company Tommy Hilfinger. I was pretty surprised to hear that Tommy Hilfinger was launching a vintage eyeglasses line. Tommy Hilfinger seems like they normally target different sectors of the eyeglasses market. Either way, everyone knows of this reputable company. Hilfiger has stores in malls throughout the country and a massive following that is probably chopping at the bit for the latest Tommy gear and accessories.

I think the Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses collection looks great. You’ll be able to recognize the brand right away. Included in the eyewear line are seven mens styles, two womens designs and two eyeglass frames. Let's just say that this collection does not disappoint!

Keep reading for more news on retro eyeglasses. I’ll keep you updated on how the new Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses line as well.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Flashy Gucci Eyeglasses

Gucci eyeglasses have long been a flashy brand. In fact, it's difficult to think of a flashier brand.
We wonder if a new line from Swarovski is going to compete on this level. People who know this company understand how much it stands out.

The future Gucci eyeglasses competitor was founded a long time ago. In fact, it was started over 100 years ago. Daniel Swarovski invented device that allowed crystals to be cut more precisely than ever before. However, this new rimless eyeglasses is from a very well known company.
Gucci Eyeglasses
Gucci eyeglasses must be worried given the growth of the company. The Swarovski Eyewear vintage eyeglasses collection is really growing in this industry.

Gucci eyeglasses will need to keep an eye out for these guys. If you purchase the rimless eyeglasses, you'll receive some promotional materials as well. The collection with over a dozen eyeglass frames, so it is quite large. The first rimless eyeglasses collections are only for females, although this is expected to change.

You'll be seeing new lines for males soon. We'll be sure to write more updates about this collection. Stay tuned for more Gucci eyeglasses news.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Innovation And Prada Eyeglasses


Prada eyeglasses should really look at new trends going on. In particular, a lot of eyewear companies have used technology to improve customer experience.

The eyewear industry really hasn't done this before. This is why this is such exciting news. We wonder what this will mean for Prada eyeglasses.

Prada Eyeglasses

We think the industry, including Prada eyeglasses, may be transforming. Companies such as Prada eyeglasses will really need to adapt. One company that is adapting created a patent is called Precision Optics. The line introduced a very advanced Mosaic Eyewear.

Additionally, another company last week patented a special new frame. We're not sure how Prada eyeglasses feel about this. We wonder if Prada eyeglasses will eventually turn to technology in their frames. It's exciting to see what will happen. Switch Vision, which is a great replacement lenses brand, was awarded a new patent. The system includes magnets embedded in the rimless eyeglasses so users can swap lenses in and out.

Keep reading for more Prada eyeglasses news.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celebrities With Retro Eyeglasses

Retro eyeglasses and celebrities seem to go hand and hand. It's not unusual to see a bunch of celebrities wearing neat retro eyeglasses on the beaches of Los Angeles. From the looks of recent news, this isn't going to change anytime soon.

A new retro eyeglasses line was launched by two celebrities. The retro eyeglasses collection has already received a lot of hype. The line is called the William Rast Eyewear collection. The line was made for both males and females in a wide range of ages. They look trendy and a bit sporty as well. You don't normally see an retro eyeglasses line designed by celebrities. The retro eyeglasses company is headquartered in Los Angeles, and was created by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala. Justin seems to be pursuing a number of business projects nowadays.

Retro Eyeglasses

A management team has already been put in place for the company. Says the president at the business, "We are very proud of this new partnership with William Rast. As an iconic brand that represents the 'New America." The business is excited about the launch and about future lines. This may be a new trend we are witnessing; celebrities in the future may continue to develop new vintage eyeglasses lines.

In addition to the press already given to the collection, the business will be throwing in some nice items to market them. If you'd like to see the items, you can contact Viva International Group at their website. Each retro eyeglasses frame gives a celebrity look, which is also quite trendy. We'll keep you updated with more information on this retro eyeglasses collection.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Popular Designer Eyeglasses From Celebrities


This year seems to be a popular year to launch designer eyeglasses collections. Most recently, the designer eyeglasses collection by Viva International Group was introduced. The eyeglasses frames company is based in Southern California, and was developed by business partners Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala a few years ago. It's pretty neat to see the collaborations that celebrities are making to create designer eyeglasses.

Designer Eyeglasses

The designer eyeglasses collection looks pretty neat; from what we've seen thus far. The William Rast Eyewear line includes 20 glasses. The collection was created for men and women who are middle aged and looking for that special style. The designer eyeglasses are neat because they can also be worn for athletic wear.

Each designer eyeglasses frame gives a celebrity look, which is also quite trendy. The glasses are made from unique material, including leather.

According to a leader at the company, "We are very proud of this new partnership with William Rast. As an iconic brand that represents the 'New America." The company is looking very forward to this brand and to launching collections in the future. To promote the designer eyeglasses collection, the company will be including mirrors and a nice glasses case. If you'd like to find out additional information, you can contact Viva International Group at their website. Stay tuned for more information on this designer eyeglasses collection.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ralph Lauren Glasses, an American Symbol

Ralph Lauren glasses have long been a symbol of the American brand. Who in the United States has not heard of the iconic company? However with eyewear, the brand seems to be on a highway against Italian companies. In particular, Gucci eyeglasses and Prada are competition. The rivalry of the founders and the companies may have hit an all time high. It seems like it won’t come to a halt anytime soon.
Ralph Lauren Glasses
Recently, Ralph Lauren glasses have made more comments against these Italian brands. We hadn’t expected things to heat up this quickly, but they clearly have. However, we don’t think this is going to be good for Ralph Lauren glasses, because Ralph Lauren glasses have the support of so many fans.
Ralph Lauren glasses don’t usually do this. It’s certainly a surprise to see this from the company. We wonder if they will say anything to Bolle, which creates eyewear for athletes. Although the company is not as well known in the United States, it is a very well regarded retro eyeglasses company in Europe.
Another eyeglasses frames company that Ralph Lauren glasses aren’t a fan of are Signature Eyewear. The company is releasing a new line that models Ralph Lauren glasses. We’ll let you know if any news and updates occur around the companies.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Markets For Christian Dior Eyeglasses

As Christian Dior eyeglasses seem to be move into markets, more competitors seem to be rising up on all sides. This has to have been something the company expected, as the business has grown tremendously. Nonetheless, Christian Dior eyeglasses can’t be happy about all of this. Rivals such as Gucci eyeglasses must be facing similar challenges.
Christian Dior Glasses
An example of a competitor that has risen against Christian Dior glasses is Signature Eyewear, which has strengthened its strong alliance with Michael Stars Eyewear. The two companies just announced a long partnership. This agreement will last for half a decade, which is pretty significant. We had heard Christian Dior eyeglasses had wanted to sign a similar contract, so they can’t have been happy about this.
Additionally in Christian Dior eyeglasses competition, Signature Eyewear, is also launching a new line which targets a similar market. Unlike most of Signature’s competitors, POC is not based in the United States. This company has done particularly well with college athletic programs, which Christian Dior eyeglasses have not yet targeted. The company has done a great job in providing great protective eyeglasses for athletes around the country.
Lastly, Christian Dior eyeglasses will need to keep an eye out for Bolle, which is a very well regarded company in Europe. The well respected company that is very well regarded by athletes because of its stylish look. We’ll keep you updated with more Christian Dior eyeglasses updates.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good News For Prada Eyeglasses


Prada eyeglasses cannot seem to report bad news. Every year new revenue records are broken and the brand increases its prestige. Last month it seemed like Ralph Lauren glasses were the talk of the town, but Prada eyeglasses may have changed that. Another rival of designer Prada eyeglasses, Fusion, launched a new line and it doesn't seem to have done well. Prada eyeglasses must be pleased about this.

Prada Eyeglasses

In other Prada eyeglasses updates, another innovative rival reported poor sales. The company is called Eyewear Inventions, which is a younger company that is coming up with some great innovations. Prada eyeglasses must be happy about these results.

However, another Prada eyeglasses rival did announce some good news. This week Polaroid Eyewear agreed to a partnership that will allow another company to use the Polaroid name. This is big news, and shows how much Polaroid believes the new designer rimless eyeglasses will do. The glasses apparently strengthen the vision of the wearer; we'll have to see if the claims are true.  This rimless eyeglasses launch collection will feature a range of designs. We'll let you know if we hear a response from Prada eyeglasses.

Inactive Christian Dior Glasses


Christian Dior eyeglasses has been very active in the past months, but they are going to have to continue to be after seeing what other eyewear companies are doing. One rival seems to really be making strides. On Tuesday Christian Dior eyeglasses rival Oakley launched a collection that uses the technology used in the majority of movie theaters around the world. This is very interesting technology that Christian Dior eyeglasses hadn't considered using. It is this type of invention that really separates the great companies.

Additionally, we're not sure why Christian Dior eyeglasses haven't been more active. A large newspaper reported that Shane Baum would release an expensive vintage eyeglasses line. The new collection of close to a dozen frames, all made in Japan, is a limited run of less a little more than a few dozen per style. We're not used to seeing so little launched. Christian Dior eyeglasses did not make a comment.

Lastly, another Christian Dior eyeglasses rival, Kate Spade eyeglasses, will be working with a competitor to launch a new line. We're not sure how Christian Dior eyeglasses feel about this. This agreement will last for close to 10 years. This new time of collaboration between the rimless eyeglasses companies will continue to show the expensive positioning of the company. Keep reading for more Christian Dior eyeglasses news.

Kate Spade Eyeglasses Current Position with Rival Companies


A lot of activity has occurred with the eyeglass world that Kate Spade eyeglasses were not a part of. We've been surprised that they haven't been more active. To begin, on Monday Shane Baum released an elite eyewear line. He'd been working for other companies for most of his career and its surprising to see him leave. The new collection of nine vintage eyeglasses, all made in China, is a limited run of less than 100 eyeglass frames per style. We're not used to seeing so little launched.

Kate Spade Eyeglasses

Furthermore, another Kate Spade eyeglasses rival, Christian Dior glasses, will be collaborating with the Sàfilo Group to design a new set of lenses. We're not sure how Kate Spade eyeglasses feel about this. This agreement will last for close to 10 years. This new time of collaboration between the designer retro eyeglasses companies will continue to show the expensive positioning of Dior eyewear.

Lastly, the rimless eyeglasses company and sports company Oakley released a line that both helps and optimizes the technology used in the majority of movie theaters around the world. This is impressive technology that Kate Spade eyeglasses do not have. The company's new frame innovations have been used to maximize the lenses experience by taking advantage of Oakley's new technology, which uses the popular system to let the lenses function without a battery. These rimless eyeglasses will be available prior to Christmas and can be bought online at their popular website. Oakley will provide a range of 3D rimless eyeglasses to address the various needs and desires of movie enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more Kate Spade eyeglasses news.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Special Event For Prada Eyeglasses Competitor


A special event was held the other week in New York City, the biggest stage in the world. At the event the founder of the company talked about how rivals such as Prada eyeglasses would have trouble keeping up with his innovative company. He then went on to announce the launch of his new rimless eyeglasses collection. The founders company won't stop expanding, as the business already has plans for new upcoming launches. We hope the quality of the eyewear remains as high quality as it was this year. Unlike many designer Prada eyeglasses collections, this new collection is more athletic.

Prada Eyeglasses

Michael Bastian, a well known rival of Prada eyeglasses, is a well regarded designer. We don't believe Prada eyeglasses made a statement about the new launch. It has been some time since a new line was released, so we are really glad to see all of the press this has generated. Although Michael is not as well known as some other designers, for example the designer of Ralph Lauren glasses, people know who he is.  From what reporters have written so far, fans love the eyeglasses.

Unlike the founding of Prada eyeglasses, the founder started his company only a little while ago, and now the company is having its best year. We will have to see if a rivalry heats up. In the new collection, two of the frames are made for men designs and one is for females

The company is putting together a lot of effort to reach reporters. Before starting his fashion company, Michael worked for several of rivals, although he has not worked for Prada eyeglasses. It will be interesting to see what happens with this Prada eyeglasses rivalry; we will let you know if anything new occurs.