Friday, September 30, 2011

Ray Ban Glasses Dominate the Industry


Although this may be a surprise to a lot of people, Ray Ban glasses have not always been the dominant company that they are now. Before the last decade, it was companies like Versace eyeglasses that were seen across the runway and in magazines. Back in the day, glasses from Gucci eyeglasses were seen twice as often as those from Ray Ban glasses.

The truth is, Ray Ban glasses were considered distant second to larger Italian competitors. Ray Ban glasses were seen as an inferior American brand. There was a time when Ray Ban glasses could have even been considered second tier.

It is shocking to see how much times have changed. The business has become so dominant; not just in the United States but also in Europe. This is impressive because there are so many great designer eyeglasses brands based in Europe. Despite this intense competition, there are not many companies that have had such great success.

Ray Ban Glasses

Ray Ban glasses are now recognized in almost every country throughout the globe. It is not surprising to visit countries such as China and see people wearing these lenses. Countries in Asia in particular love the brand. Even companies such as Gucci eyeglasses must be envious about Ray Ban glasses.

International growth has been very favorable to Ray Ban glasses. The run by this company has been remarkable, and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. On Tuesday the company announced results that continue to exceed investor's expectations. We were surprised to see this, as results only a few years ago were lower than expected.

The economy really worried a lot of people. Investors and individuals throughout the US were pulling their money out of the markets. Despite this, people who did believe in the company ended up being rewarded for their patience. Despite earlier predictions, the financial results went very well for the business. We heard that management has already raised their projections for the upcoming year.

The company is not alone, however. Rivals such as Ralph Lauren glasses have also announced positive results. Ray Ban glasses needs to be concerned about these other competitive brands. One of the great things about the designer eyeglasses industry is that people who love the eyewear tend to buy a lot of them. Although this is a great advantage, the company still needs to continue to challenge itself to catch up to some companies.

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