Saturday, October 8, 2011

Designer Sunglasses take a Tech Turn

Although everyone can see the impact technology has had on our lives, most people don't understand how much it has changed designer eyeglasses. The new line is from TechEyewear. In this pair you get to truly understand how technology is having an impact on your eyewear. With these eyeglasses frames, you get a stylish pair of sunglasses with MP3 player and stereo Bluetooth built right in.
Designer Eyeglasses
This is hard for more people to grasp. The designer eyeglasses of TechEyewear operate with a wireless connection with MP3 devices and cellphones. Concealed within the tips of the sunglasses temples are ear phones that fit nicely into your ear. What is so great about these designer eyeglasses is that you can answer or send a call, play MP3's, or adjust volume with easily found controls right along the temples. These designer eyeglasses are even capable of dealing with two separate Bluetooth devices at the same time, to take calls and enjoy music concurrently.
TechEyewear designer eyeglasses may take some getting used to at first, but they are definitely worth checking out. After getting things up and running, however, operation of the features is relatively simple. I think these designer eyeglasses are sure to be a hit with tech-savvy Americans.


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