Friday, September 30, 2011

Ray Ban Glasses Dominate the Industry


Although this may be a surprise to a lot of people, Ray Ban glasses have not always been the dominant company that they are now. Before the last decade, it was companies like Versace eyeglasses that were seen across the runway and in magazines. Back in the day, glasses from Gucci eyeglasses were seen twice as often as those from Ray Ban glasses.

The truth is, Ray Ban glasses were considered distant second to larger Italian competitors. Ray Ban glasses were seen as an inferior American brand. There was a time when Ray Ban glasses could have even been considered second tier.

It is shocking to see how much times have changed. The business has become so dominant; not just in the United States but also in Europe. This is impressive because there are so many great designer eyeglasses brands based in Europe. Despite this intense competition, there are not many companies that have had such great success.

Ray Ban Glasses

Ray Ban glasses are now recognized in almost every country throughout the globe. It is not surprising to visit countries such as China and see people wearing these lenses. Countries in Asia in particular love the brand. Even companies such as Gucci eyeglasses must be envious about Ray Ban glasses.

International growth has been very favorable to Ray Ban glasses. The run by this company has been remarkable, and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. On Tuesday the company announced results that continue to exceed investor's expectations. We were surprised to see this, as results only a few years ago were lower than expected.

The economy really worried a lot of people. Investors and individuals throughout the US were pulling their money out of the markets. Despite this, people who did believe in the company ended up being rewarded for their patience. Despite earlier predictions, the financial results went very well for the business. We heard that management has already raised their projections for the upcoming year.

The company is not alone, however. Rivals such as Ralph Lauren glasses have also announced positive results. Ray Ban glasses needs to be concerned about these other competitive brands. One of the great things about the designer eyeglasses industry is that people who love the eyewear tend to buy a lot of them. Although this is a great advantage, the company still needs to continue to challenge itself to catch up to some companies.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Versace Eyeglasses Excels for Investors Amid Recession

Versace eyeglasses continue to exceed investors' expectations. It was only a year ago when a lot of investors were worried about the company.
Part of the reason is because of the poor economy, and the lack of disposable income. Versace eyeglasses can be expensive, and people need to have the additional income to spend.
Despite these limitations, sales of Versace eyeglasses have been very good. I heard that management at the company is expecting the upcoming year to be a record year for the company. This is great news for the whole designer eyeglasses industry.
Versace Eyeglasses
Versace eyeglasses were not alone with the positive revenue. Rivals such as Gucci and Prada eyeglasses have also announced positive results. One of the great things about the designer eyeglasses industry is that people who love the eyewear tend to buy a lot of them. Even people who prefer Gucci eyeglasses are also willing to buy a pair from Ralph Lauren. There are not many other industries like that.
With Versace eyeglasses, people seem to love the brand so much that they even own a number pairs of the frames. They tend to be that popular. Sometimes it is because earlier ones have broken, but a lot of the time it is just because people like unique look. If you think about it, you probably even have friends who own a few pairs.
Despite the popularity of Versace eyeglasses, the company does not have a monopoly on the market. One particular competitor that fans of Versaceeyeglasses like is Prada eyeglasses. People like brands such as Prada eyeglasses for a lot of reasons. The brand has established themselves over many years and has built great reputations.
These new lenses have a very different look than Versace eyeglasses. Even though both Prada and Versace eyeglasses are based in Italy, the styles are still very different. Although some designers accuse others of copying them, this issue has never happened with these two companies. Lastly, customers will consider mid-sized vintage eyeglasses brands.
I'll let you know what happens to these mid-sized brands. Versace eyeglasses will need to watch out for some of these brands. Although there are a lot of different brands that I like, one company I really enjoy is Italia Independent. The company just announced great news that the vintage eyeglasses brand just agreed to a new partnership with Alfa Romeo.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ralph Lauren Glasses and the Rise of Rimless Eyeglasses


The other day the New York Times wrote about the rise of rimless eyeglasses industry. This was great for the industry because most people did not know about this success.

We expect a number of companies to benefit from this coverage, including Ralph Lauren glasses. Unbeknownst to many, Ralph Lauren glasses have launched a number of great looking rimless eyewear collections recently. Although these lines have done well, the lines have not received nearly as much credit as their designer eyeglasses collections. This is interesting, as it is the rimless eyewear that is bringing in more profit.

Despite the lack of attention, the rimless eyeglasses industry has also had a remarkable growth rate. We are not sure the designer eyeglasses industry seems to get all of the press. Part of the reason may be because of all of the popular brands such as Dolomiti eyeglasses receive. Brands such as Ralph Lauren glasses, which is a very established eyeglasses frames business, does not seem to get the credit they deserve. It should, because Ralph Lauren glasses are one of the fastest growing eyewear businesses.

We have been really impressed with Ralph Lauren glasses. The eyeglasses brands market has not only grown leaps and bounds in recent years, but the market is also forecasted to have continued success. Every year more and more people buy eyewear, and this trend does not seem like it will go away anytime soon.

A company that will certainly benefit from this is Ralph Lauren glasses. The company has dramatically improved not only its profits but also its brand recognition.

The other day we were reviewing pictures of Scandinavia and spotted a number of the frames. It can be hard to visit a place in the world without seeing a pair of Ralph Lauren glasses. As Ralph Lauren glasses become more international, it will also face increased competition abroad. It will be neat to see the various rivalries that pop up. Companies need to be cognizant of future competition. This seems to be critical to a company's success.

We have seen businesses pop up all round the world. We had not been expecting this to occur, as it seems like these countries tend to focus on other areas of fashion. We wonder if this may be a new trend that we are witnessing. There is one country that we have really been watching out for. That country is England.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Word on the Street - Christian Dior Glasses


Although we have been hearing about Gucci eyeglasses a lot recently, there are a few companies who have also been doing well. One of these brands has been Christian Dior glasses.

The company has not always exceeded. In fact, during the economic crisis Christian Dior glasses were at a low point. A lot of companies folded during this time, and even investors were worried about Dior.

Fortunately for fans, Christian Dior glasses managed to do well, and they are stronger than ever. It has been some time since we have seen such growth from Christian Dior glasses. From the success of the company's last line, this company has been on a roll.

Unfortunately the upturn in the market has also encouraged more companies to enter this market. For companies such as Christian Dior glasses, this is not good news. However, so far the company has managed to do well. Even with some other great lines from brands such as Ralph Lauren glasses, Christian Dior glasses have continued to succeed.

Christian Dior Glasses

Christian Dior glasses have done a number of things exceedingly well. First, the business maintained its strategy of offering the highest quality products. Even when other competitors were looking to use lower quality material to increase profits, Christian Dior glasses refused to do this.

With higher end brands such as Prada eyeglasses, Christian Dior glasses ramped up their marketing and reached out to celebrity sponsorships. We were able to witness firsthand the great affect that this had. Lastly, while a lot of larger companies tend to avoid upstart eyewear brands, Christian Dior glasses have not ignored these lines.

The following are two lines that we think Christian Dior glasses may be concerned because this is on their territory. The first collection that Versace eyeglasses should watch out for is from Alexander McQueen. Christian Dior glasses have known about this company for some time. We can expect Christian Dior glasses to be concerned about this designer because he is so accomplished. We have been fans of Alexander for many years now. People enjoy this eyewear collection for a number of reasons. Females in particularly are very drawn to the line. We have heard Alexander is also expecting to launch an eyeglasses frames line for men in the upcoming year.

The second brand we are bullish on is from the Barbie Corporation. The reason this line will be so competitive is because the company has been around for such a long time. The line is the new Barbie eyewear line. Make sure to check out this new line from Barbie.