Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rising Popularity Of Round Eyeglasses


Despite the rising popularity of round eyeglasses, a lot of people do not know much about the past of the industry. We hope this will change.

A long time ago a man named Heinsberg was contacted by a company and asked to create a new concept. After building the idea, the product was patented and went on to be very successful.

Round Eyeglasses

At this time, Heinsberg declared that the next concept he created would be patented under his own name. This led to a set of great inventions. He had a number of unique ideas which had not yet been discovered.

This seemed like it would work. It was clearly easier for individuals to sell than a second round eyeglass frames pair. Eventually, he realized that there had to be changes with the retro eyeglasses. Things don't always go well right away.

At this time, he went back into his home with new thoughts. He said that he was making a pair of boots one day and he thought he could just drill right into the round eyeglasses. That is the story of his new patent. Keep up with Kate West for more on round eyeglasses.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Growth At Nine West Glasses


Despite the difficult economy, Nine West glasses seem to be doing better than ever. This is a great thing to say, considering that most industries have been hit so badly.

The growth at Nine West glasses is really a great testament to management at the company. Not all companies have accomplished this great feat.

Nine West Glasses

Nine West glasses will need to watch out for new rivals though to keep up their great record. One company just launched a new line that may be competition. The company is by Michael Bastian. His eyeglasses frames continue to be a hit with fans and reporters.

We will let you know if we hear from Nine West glasses. From what we have heard, supporters love the designer eyeglasses. Even management seems to be surprisingly happy about the launch. We hope you enjoyed the article on Nine West glasses.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Eyewear Brand Vintage Eyeglasses


Most people don't know about the history of vintage eyeglasses companies. This is shame given all of the great information that is out there.

There is a lot more interesting information about vintage eyeglasses than most people know about. In particular, the vintage eyeglasses company American eyewear is one that you should know about. They have really been a pioneer in the eyeglasses frames, although they are not given the prestige they should have.

Vintage Eyeglasses

American Eyewear was founded years ago and is more profitable than ever. The reviews for these vintage eyeglasses are always great. Even companies such as Prada eyeglasses are aware of this company.

The company was started by a man named David. When the David graduated, he realized he had a gift for eyewear. After he left school, he realized he was most interested in vintage eyeglasses, and within a few years, he had built and expanded his company.

It is amazing to see what he has built. From the day he started the vintage eyeglasses business, his philosophy has remained constant. Stay tuned to Kate West for more information and updates on vintage eyeglasses.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dior Cocotte Sunglasses - Weekly Steal!

These Dior Cocotte sunglasses are fierce! Designed for confident fashionistas, these Dior sunglasses feature a modified round shape, polycarbonate lenses, and a visible Dior logo. The Dior Cocotte sunglasses model is made in Italy and available in 5 color options:
- Plum Cyclamen w/Dark Grey Gradient Lens (pictured)
- Beige Ivory Violet w/Grey Gradient Lens
- Blue Tobacco w/Blue Gradient Pea Lens
- Brown Honey w/Brown Gradient Lens
- Havana Blonde Black w/Brown Gradient Lens

Dior Cocotte sunglasses at Eyeglasses.com

All models include eyeglass case and 2-year warranty.

Price: $244.00 at Eyeglasses.com

Coveted by Kate West

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Christian Dior Glasses Keeping Up With Smaller Brands


The designer eyeglasses industry has never been so competitive. Christian Dior glasses needs to keep up with larger and smaller companies:

With larger companies such as Prada eyeglasses, Christian Dior need to continue to grow its brand.

With smaller competitors, the company should watch out for changes in the industries. Link to Christian Dior ArticlesChristian Dior Glasses

Some new competition may be on the heels of Christian Dior eyewer. This is coming from particularly from smaller companies. The Christian Dior eyewear rival TC Charton is marketing itself specifically to Asians. This is an interesting strategy to take. The launch for the competitor was held in the big apple, and was able to bring in quite the crowd. The city seems to house some incredible designers. Christian Dior glasses can not be happy about this.  Either way, follow Kate West to stay up to date with Christian Dior glasses news.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Designer Eyeglasses Targets Asians


Interested in what’s happening in the eyeglasses frames world?

Most recently, a line was created just for Asians. I really think this collection is going to exceed expectations. This company isn’t very large, but I think they should be watched out for.

Eyeglasses Frames

The founder of the company is TC Charton, and the creator Alexandra Charton is a rising star in the eyewear industry. The designer eyeglasses line is particularly interesting because it is designed with Asian-Americans in mind and targeted specifically to those who want to be fashion oriented. Alexandra Charton, knows firsthand what a daunting experience one must go through due to the scarce selection available to Asian consumers. Thus inspired, after almost two years of trial and error, in the Fall of 2009, TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear was born. The founder really wanted the designer eyeglasses collection to be for Asian-Americans of all ages.

I'm not 100% sure how this collection will resonate although I am are certainly rooting for the company. I have not heard how these will fit on Caucasians, even though it was not designed to do so. I'm definitely curious and we will let you know when I find out.

The company is betting a lot on this line. This collection consists of 19 styles of ophthalmic frames and 14 sunglasses, TC Charton is the first collection that is entirely and ergonomically designed with Asian Americans in mind. Every eye shape, every detail, and the selection of exquisite color palette was created and aimed to compliment the uniqueness of Asian features and skin tones, and to capture the harmonious balance between memorable styles with optimum functionality. From overseeing designs to manufacturing, Alexandra has in-depth technical knowledge. She has more than 16 years of extensive optical experience in the creations of countless leading European eyewear brands. Follow Kate West on Twitter or Facebook for more designer eyewear news.