Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Eyewear Brand Vintage Eyeglasses


Most people don't know about the history of vintage eyeglasses companies. This is shame given all of the great information that is out there.

There is a lot more interesting information about vintage eyeglasses than most people know about. In particular, the vintage eyeglasses company American eyewear is one that you should know about. They have really been a pioneer in the eyeglasses frames, although they are not given the prestige they should have.

Vintage Eyeglasses

American Eyewear was founded years ago and is more profitable than ever. The reviews for these vintage eyeglasses are always great. Even companies such as Prada eyeglasses are aware of this company.

The company was started by a man named David. When the David graduated, he realized he had a gift for eyewear. After he left school, he realized he was most interested in vintage eyeglasses, and within a few years, he had built and expanded his company.

It is amazing to see what he has built. From the day he started the vintage eyeglasses business, his philosophy has remained constant. Stay tuned to Kate West for more information and updates on vintage eyeglasses.

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