Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Christian Dior Glasses Keeping Up With Smaller Brands


The designer eyeglasses industry has never been so competitive. Christian Dior glasses needs to keep up with larger and smaller companies:

With larger companies such as Prada eyeglasses, Christian Dior need to continue to grow its brand.

With smaller competitors, the company should watch out for changes in the industries. Link to Christian Dior ArticlesChristian Dior Glasses

Some new competition may be on the heels of Christian Dior eyewer. This is coming from particularly from smaller companies. The Christian Dior eyewear rival TC Charton is marketing itself specifically to Asians. This is an interesting strategy to take. The launch for the competitor was held in the big apple, and was able to bring in quite the crowd. The city seems to house some incredible designers. Christian Dior glasses can not be happy about this.  Either way, follow Kate West to stay up to date with Christian Dior glasses news.

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