Friday, May 6, 2011

Dior Cocotte Sunglasses - Weekly Steal!

These Dior Cocotte sunglasses are fierce! Designed for confident fashionistas, these Dior sunglasses feature a modified round shape, polycarbonate lenses, and a visible Dior logo. The Dior Cocotte sunglasses model is made in Italy and available in 5 color options:
- Plum Cyclamen w/Dark Grey Gradient Lens (pictured)
- Beige Ivory Violet w/Grey Gradient Lens
- Blue Tobacco w/Blue Gradient Pea Lens
- Brown Honey w/Brown Gradient Lens
- Havana Blonde Black w/Brown Gradient Lens

Dior Cocotte sunglasses at

All models include eyeglass case and 2-year warranty.

Price: $244.00 at

Coveted by Kate West

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