Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ralph Lauren Glasses and the Rise of Rimless Eyeglasses


The other day the New York Times wrote about the rise of rimless eyeglasses industry. This was great for the industry because most people did not know about this success.

We expect a number of companies to benefit from this coverage, including Ralph Lauren glasses. Unbeknownst to many, Ralph Lauren glasses have launched a number of great looking rimless eyewear collections recently. Although these lines have done well, the lines have not received nearly as much credit as their designer eyeglasses collections. This is interesting, as it is the rimless eyewear that is bringing in more profit.

Despite the lack of attention, the rimless eyeglasses industry has also had a remarkable growth rate. We are not sure the designer eyeglasses industry seems to get all of the press. Part of the reason may be because of all of the popular brands such as Dolomiti eyeglasses receive. Brands such as Ralph Lauren glasses, which is a very established eyeglasses frames business, does not seem to get the credit they deserve. It should, because Ralph Lauren glasses are one of the fastest growing eyewear businesses.

We have been really impressed with Ralph Lauren glasses. The eyeglasses brands market has not only grown leaps and bounds in recent years, but the market is also forecasted to have continued success. Every year more and more people buy eyewear, and this trend does not seem like it will go away anytime soon.

A company that will certainly benefit from this is Ralph Lauren glasses. The company has dramatically improved not only its profits but also its brand recognition.

The other day we were reviewing pictures of Scandinavia and spotted a number of the frames. It can be hard to visit a place in the world without seeing a pair of Ralph Lauren glasses. As Ralph Lauren glasses become more international, it will also face increased competition abroad. It will be neat to see the various rivalries that pop up. Companies need to be cognizant of future competition. This seems to be critical to a company's success.

We have seen businesses pop up all round the world. We had not been expecting this to occur, as it seems like these countries tend to focus on other areas of fashion. We wonder if this may be a new trend that we are witnessing. There is one country that we have really been watching out for. That country is England.

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