Friday, April 22, 2011

Nine West Glasses Not Quitting


Nine West glasses may be falling behind. With technology and fashion changing so quickly, it's critical that Nine West glasses stay on top of trends

One trend is the rise of retro eyeglasses. This may be an area Nine West glasses should get involved in.

Nine West Glasses

Retro eyeglasses continue to become more popular. This could be a huge market for companies such as Nine West. We'll have to see how the company responds to this. Some companies are adapting to these recent trends, but a number of companies are not. In the past, Nine West glasses tended to shy away from this style. Recently, Prada eyeglasses said they'd be announcing their own line. We're not sure what caused the change. The head designer at the company is actually fairly heralded, particularly in Europe.

Nine West glasses tend not to talk about their newest lines. There isn't a lot of Information, although the company has had a lot of great things to say about the industry.  We're glad the company is such a pioneer in this field.

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