Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage Eyeglasses Found Throughout Magazines

Vintage eyeglasses aren't seen as the most mainstream type of eyewear. In fact, it's not too common to see them on the main magazines that are sold.

However, these new vintage eyeglasses from Rem Eyewear can be found throughout the magazines. The much talked about collection is expected to be announced next Wednesday. We're waiting for this to be confirmed. This would be great news for the vintage eyeglasses industry.
Vintage Eyeglasses
Ironically, the press from one round eyeglasses company can really help other companies in the industry. The vintage eyeglasses brand launching is actually very old, although a lot of people haven't heard about the company. A lot of marketing is going into the vintage eyeglasses line. They also have a great looking website if you'd like to visit it.

The line from the vintage eyeglasses company is called Surface, which we think is a pretty nice line. Each vintage eyeglass has a great looking shape will very fine details. We had a chance to see pictures of the vintage eyeglasses and we think they are excellent.

Stay tuned for more articles on vintage eyeglasses.

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