Monday, April 11, 2011

Retro Eyeglasses Survey, Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Eyeglasses

Every year a well known survey comes out that discusses the retro eyeglasses industry. This survey discusses revenue, profit margins, and future expectations for the retro eyeglasses industry. From what I can gather, the survey should have really positive things to say. In fact, I think this is the case particularly because of the great launches that have occurred as of late.
Retro Eyeglasses
The numbers for the retro eyeglasses industry will be released later in the year. One launch particularly sticks out. The collection is by the well known company Tommy Hilfinger. I was pretty surprised to hear that Tommy Hilfinger was launching a vintage eyeglasses line. Tommy Hilfinger seems like they normally target different sectors of the eyeglasses market. Either way, everyone knows of this reputable company. Hilfiger has stores in malls throughout the country and a massive following that is probably chopping at the bit for the latest Tommy gear and accessories.

I think the Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses collection looks great. You’ll be able to recognize the brand right away. Included in the eyewear line are seven mens styles, two womens designs and two eyeglass frames. Let's just say that this collection does not disappoint!

Keep reading for more news on retro eyeglasses. I’ll keep you updated on how the new Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses line as well.

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