Monday, April 25, 2011

An Interesting Designer Eyeglasses Company


Here are some interesting new designer eyeglasses that have come out. The new designer eyeglasses line is by the famed Marchon business. These guys seem to come out with new designer eyeglasses every other month. This newest round eyeglasses collection is for those soon to be in college.

Designer Eyeglasses

From what I have seen so far, college kids may love these eyeglass frames. Although this was made for a younger audience, I think a lot of markets will enjoy them. The designs are rich with textural and beautiful impressions, and numerous color choices, including different shades. The collection currently has a little less than a dozen designer eyeglasses. Shapes consist of modified cat eyes, trendy pillowed rectangles and soft squares made of flat metal. Executives and businessman types appear to be very sweet on this collection.

Marchon eyewear is fairly young, having been started less than 30 years ago. The company was founded in 1983, and it has really risen in prestige. The company is base in the North East, with regional headquarters in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Marchon distributes its products through numerous sales offices. Stay tuned for more news on designer eyeglasses from Kate West.

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