Monday, March 7, 2011

Good News For Prada Eyeglasses


Prada eyeglasses cannot seem to report bad news. Every year new revenue records are broken and the brand increases its prestige. Last month it seemed like Ralph Lauren glasses were the talk of the town, but Prada eyeglasses may have changed that. Another rival of designer Prada eyeglasses, Fusion, launched a new line and it doesn't seem to have done well. Prada eyeglasses must be pleased about this.

Prada Eyeglasses

In other Prada eyeglasses updates, another innovative rival reported poor sales. The company is called Eyewear Inventions, which is a younger company that is coming up with some great innovations. Prada eyeglasses must be happy about these results.

However, another Prada eyeglasses rival did announce some good news. This week Polaroid Eyewear agreed to a partnership that will allow another company to use the Polaroid name. This is big news, and shows how much Polaroid believes the new designer rimless eyeglasses will do. The glasses apparently strengthen the vision of the wearer; we'll have to see if the claims are true.  This rimless eyeglasses launch collection will feature a range of designs. We'll let you know if we hear a response from Prada eyeglasses.

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