Monday, March 7, 2011

Inactive Christian Dior Glasses


Christian Dior eyeglasses has been very active in the past months, but they are going to have to continue to be after seeing what other eyewear companies are doing. One rival seems to really be making strides. On Tuesday Christian Dior eyeglasses rival Oakley launched a collection that uses the technology used in the majority of movie theaters around the world. This is very interesting technology that Christian Dior eyeglasses hadn't considered using. It is this type of invention that really separates the great companies.

Additionally, we're not sure why Christian Dior eyeglasses haven't been more active. A large newspaper reported that Shane Baum would release an expensive vintage eyeglasses line. The new collection of close to a dozen frames, all made in Japan, is a limited run of less a little more than a few dozen per style. We're not used to seeing so little launched. Christian Dior eyeglasses did not make a comment.

Lastly, another Christian Dior eyeglasses rival, Kate Spade eyeglasses, will be working with a competitor to launch a new line. We're not sure how Christian Dior eyeglasses feel about this. This agreement will last for close to 10 years. This new time of collaboration between the rimless eyeglasses companies will continue to show the expensive positioning of the company. Keep reading for more Christian Dior eyeglasses news.

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