Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Special Event For Prada Eyeglasses Competitor


A special event was held the other week in New York City, the biggest stage in the world. At the event the founder of the company talked about how rivals such as Prada eyeglasses would have trouble keeping up with his innovative company. He then went on to announce the launch of his new rimless eyeglasses collection. The founders company won't stop expanding, as the business already has plans for new upcoming launches. We hope the quality of the eyewear remains as high quality as it was this year. Unlike many designer Prada eyeglasses collections, this new collection is more athletic.

Prada Eyeglasses

Michael Bastian, a well known rival of Prada eyeglasses, is a well regarded designer. We don't believe Prada eyeglasses made a statement about the new launch. It has been some time since a new line was released, so we are really glad to see all of the press this has generated. Although Michael is not as well known as some other designers, for example the designer of Ralph Lauren glasses, people know who he is.  From what reporters have written so far, fans love the eyeglasses.

Unlike the founding of Prada eyeglasses, the founder started his company only a little while ago, and now the company is having its best year. We will have to see if a rivalry heats up. In the new collection, two of the frames are made for men designs and one is for females

The company is putting together a lot of effort to reach reporters. Before starting his fashion company, Michael worked for several of rivals, although he has not worked for Prada eyeglasses. It will be interesting to see what happens with this Prada eyeglasses rivalry; we will let you know if anything new occurs.

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