Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Innovation And Prada Eyeglasses


Prada eyeglasses should really look at new trends going on. In particular, a lot of eyewear companies have used technology to improve customer experience.

The eyewear industry really hasn't done this before. This is why this is such exciting news. We wonder what this will mean for Prada eyeglasses.

Prada Eyeglasses

We think the industry, including Prada eyeglasses, may be transforming. Companies such as Prada eyeglasses will really need to adapt. One company that is adapting created a patent is called Precision Optics. The line introduced a very advanced Mosaic Eyewear.

Additionally, another company last week patented a special new frame. We're not sure how Prada eyeglasses feel about this. We wonder if Prada eyeglasses will eventually turn to technology in their frames. It's exciting to see what will happen. Switch Vision, which is a great replacement lenses brand, was awarded a new patent. The system includes magnets embedded in the rimless eyeglasses so users can swap lenses in and out.

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