Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nine West Glasses Around The World


One thing we were surprised to see when we visited Europe was the host of Nine West glasses. The stores typically stand out in American cities such as New York, but they were even more recognizable in Europe.

It seems like designer eyeglasses are proliferating around the world faster than ever before. It is not just throughout Europe wear these lenses are popular. The glasses are also remarkably popular in South America and Asia as well.

In some cities, for example in visit Buenos Aires, designer eyeglasses are just as popular as in the US. We wonder when Nine West glasses are going to expand to that city. Christian Dior glasses are already very popular there.

International expansion offers a great amount of opportunities to companies such as Nine West glasses. The company has already done well so far. This is really a great credit to the company and their expansion plans. Nowadays, the fashion industry is as globalized as any other. It is always interesting to see people from around the world wearing Nine West glasses.

Nine West Glasses

Some other great news happened with the company recently. Nine West glasses was proud to launch a new line. The collection did not just sell well in North America, but also throughout the world. You can find just as many people in China wearing the designer eyeglasses as you can in the US.

People throughout the world were excited with the line. The independent Nine West glasses stores in North America had lines out the door. There are a lot of things the company has done well. In addition to the great products Nine West glasses have created, the marketing from the business has been first class as well. It was difficult to find a newspaper that did not mention this launch.

Because of this, there was a tremendous amount of awareness for the collection. We wonder if Christian Dior glasses followed other designer eyeglasses rivals with this strategy. Competitors such as Dolomiti eyeglasses have also been reaching out to reporters as well. Last year it seemed like social media was the big marketing push, nowadays it seems like companies are moving to other strategies.

We will have to see what happens with this trend. Companies such as Nine West glasses are recognizing that one of the best ways they can build brand awareness is to reach out to popular magazines and news outlets. We will are looking forward to seeing what happens with various brands and their strategies.

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