Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ralph Lauren Glasses New Collection Launch


Looking for a preview of the Ralph Lauren glasses collection that was launched on Monday? The line has come out with quite the bang. I have already seen magazines and newspapers such as USA Today comment on the new line. Some celebrities have also become earlier adopters.

I'm really happy to see the success thus far from the Ralph Lauren glasses line. The collection certainly is not similar to ones we have seen in the past. Different from earlier collections, the line only comes in brown and black, and is specifically made for men. The company is expecting to launch a line for females in the fall.

Ralph Lauren Glasses

We are used to seeing Ralph Lauren glasses lines come in a number of colors, but we like this new change. Despite the colors, people seem to be very bullish on the collection. The company continues to innovate and come out with different styles. In particular, we really like one of the frames which look like a turtle shell. The pair of frames has a classy look but it is also very flexible; we can see people wearing them for a number of occasions.

All you need to do is look at prior Ralph Lauren glasses lines to see how the collection continues to be perfected.

Despite this, on Wednesday there was a lot of discussion about Ralph Lauren glasses competitors. An example is coverage from the new patents that Macy 3D received last week. This may be a new trend that we seen from eyewear companies. In the past, eyewear brands have tended to avoid patents. Part of the reason is because they are so difficult to uphold in court.

On Monday, I saw a report which is great for anyone who enjoy eyewear and the environment. On Monday Kodak launched a new initiative for the environment. The designer eyeglasses are made primarily from plants, which is a strategy we have not seen other companies take. We are excited to hear about the upcoming lines from new designer eyeglasses artists.

I have also heard that a lot of eyewear companies have been looking to integrate technology more into their lines. This past week, the brand Macy 3D was awarded a number of new patents from the US government. In addition to the patents for the Ralph Lauren glasses rival, there were also some updates with more established brands.

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