Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Founding Story Of Kate Spade Eyeglasses Rival

Kate Spade eyeglasses have a great founding story. The management team is excellent and the founder loves to talk about how he started the brand. A much less talked about founder is Zelazowski, who was well regarded inventor who was well known for his ability to make designer eyeglasses. A few years ago Zelazowski was introduced to an individual looking to create a lense concept. After the design was patented, Zelazowski wasn't too happy and wanted a patent of his own. This story isn't too different than the founding of designer Kate Spade eyeglasses. All of this process led him to invent a special system for eyewear.
Kate Spade Eyeglasses
At the time, the other founder wanted to sell an add-on to rimless eyeglasses because customers kept requesting this. It was easier for him to sell than a second designer eyeglasses pair and customers seemed to enjoy this. Kate Spade eyeglasses must not be pleased. Many people do not know that Kate Spade eyeglasses actually have created a number of patents by themselves.
We're not sure why Kate Spade eyeglasses hadn't thought of this invention first. After seeing this, the founder went back into the lenses eyeglasses lab labored throughout the night. After many days, he had created his vision. This all led to his patenting and his contributions to the lenses world. Stay tuned for more information on Kate Spade eyeglasses.

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