Sunday, February 27, 2011

Favorite Brand Versace Eyeglasses


Are your favorite eyeglasses brand Versace eyeglasses? This tends to be the case with most people. However, although Versace eyeglasses continue to be a fan favorite, some new rivals are gaining traction. It seems like people won't stop talking about Versace eyeglasses rivals. Last week Marcolin Group and Diesel, two well regarded companies agreed to work with one another for the following years. The first Versace eyeglasses rival collection is scheduled for fall of the upcoming year. The production and distribution will include select eyewear stores, Diesel stores, and large retailers.

Versace Eyeglasses

Additionally, the news can't seem to stop talking about these Versace eyeglasses rivals. Last week two well regarded frames companies agreed to partner to brand the respected brands Hickey Freeman and Monarchy. The partnership allows the company the chance to make the brands' replacement lenses collections worldwide.

Lastly, Versace eyeglasses rival competitor, Marchon Eyewear agreed work with another partner. Marchon has been a rival of Versace eyeglasses for many years. The new agreement for the branding of the new artist collection called Sean John Eyewear. This line has been in the news for a while now. A new collection made for all individuals, this line has a great fit. The collection includes innovative design and a great selection of colors. You will be able to find these Versace eyeglasses rival lenses at select stores, certain retailers and top eyewear shops worldwide. Stay tuned for more news on Versace eyeglasses.

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