Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christian Dior Glasses Losing Ground




Christian Dior glasses seem to be lagging of late. Normally they are always the first to develop innovative marketing campaigns, but they missed out on this one. On Monday a rival of Christian Dior glasses announced that they would be collaborating with a non-profit and the publicity has been excellent. Christian Dior glasses will have some catching up to do. A marketing manager from the Christian Dior glasses rival said they expect the partnership with non profit to go very well.

Christian Dior Glasses

Transitions eyeglasses, the competitor of Christian Dior glasses, have agreed to help the non-profit that is dedicated to showing the importance of eye health. This was a great move by the competitor. The glasses online company said the non-profit organization is a great partner for its new campaign.

A large part of the partnership will be an event held at the end of the year. The guests are the event are supposed to be excellent; tickets are in high demand. Christian Dior glasses can't be pleased about this. Transitions will provide free eye health education and will be handing out additional items as we. We'll let you know if we hear of any comments from Christian Dior glasses. Stay tuned for more news on Christian Dior glasses.

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